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April 23 - May 1, 2021


TIP-TO-TOE is a small company based in Portland, Maine offering sterling silver work of art jewelry from Poland. 
All hand crafted in small studios by the talent of over 15 polish artists deeply rooted in the European tradition of design. Using materials like silver and gold, designers create pieces of jewelry that are truly unique.


April 22nd, Thursday


May 7-15, 2021

Julie Cohn

Julie Cohn’s creative endeavors have come together to form her unique vision and aesthetic, characterized by the tension between rough and refined, primitive and modern, ultimately paring things down to their essence.

Her studio is in the White Rock Lake area of Dallas, Texas


May 7th, Thursday


June 4-5, 2021

Heather Guidero

Heather's jewelry consists of a series of simple geometric shapes inspired by elements of modernist design. 
Her work has been featured at prominent museums and galleries across the country.
Every piece in Heather’s collection is constructed and finished by hand in her Providence studio.


June 3rd, Thursday

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